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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Filming of Card Making

A few weeks ago a friend helped me to film me making some cards.  I am very lucky to have wonderful friends to help me and one being Nick who has done a lot of work in the filming industry.  He, his wife and my partner set up the kitchen table with cameras, monitors, lighting and sound..... I felt like a TV star!  They all left me in front of running cameras to do my thing.... to make cards for you.  It was a great experience and hope to continue to bring you new ideas and to show you how to make them.  I think the hardest part of the whole video process was the editing.... trying to cut out me rambling on and all my bloopers.  I hope you enjoy the videos, I have so far put up 4 videos for you to enjoy.  Below are some of the photos we took before filming started.

The beautiful Golden Retriever.... who you may hear in one of my videos

The reward after all my filming..... chocolate martini made by my wonderful girlfriend... yum!

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